What should I expect on exam day?

Category: Exams

When should I arrive?

  • Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with the testing center location and parking before your appointment.
  • Your confirmation from Pearson will have specific details for the center.

What if I arrive late?

  • If you arrive at your appointment time or later you may not be able to test.  Availability at the centers is limited.

What identification will I need?

  • A primary government issued photo ID such a driver’s license or passport (must not be expired)
  • A secondary ID with either your signature or photograph such as a Social Security card or credit/ATM card.
  • Your name must match exactly to what ABPM has on file or you will not be allowed to test.

Exam Structure and Scheduled Breaks

  • The exam consists of two 200 minute sections.
  • There is a scheduled 20 minute break between the sections.
  • You make take unscheduled breaks as needed, but the time will continue to run on your exam.

Lodging and Travel

  • ABPM cannot guarantee that center near you is available.  In the event you need to travel, you are responsible for making your own arrangements.