What is the Board Examination process?

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How long am I eligible to sit for the Certification Exam?

As of October 2022 you are considered eligible to sit for the Exam for eight years from the date you completed your CPME approved PMSR-36 or PMSR/RRA-36 residency. If you do not attempt the examination in that time period you are no longer eligible. If you attempt to take the Certification Exam during this eight year period and fail, your eligibility period is extended out for an additional 5 years. The maximum eligibility range is therefore 13 years.

How does passing/failing work for the current Certification Examination?

As of October 2022, the Certification Exam is scored as a single exam composed of two sections (Cases & Didactic). You must pass both sections in one sitting in order to pass the exam. If you fail one part of the exam you must take the entire exam over again the next time it is offered in the Fall. Failing one part of the exam adds a one-time 5 year extension onto your original eight year eligibility period, for a maximum eligibility period of 13 years.

What happens if I passed only one section of the exam that I took prior to October 2022?

If you passed only one section of the exam prior to October 2022, your scores are valid for eight years from your residency graduation date. For example: if you completed residency in 2021, and you attempted and passed only the Cases or Didactic section o the exam, you are eligible until 2029 to pass the remaining part of the exam you failed.

If there is an Examination provided in May, who is eligible to sit for this exam?

The only people eligible to sit for the ABPM examination in May are those who were tested prior to 2022 and have only passed one section.