What areas does ABPM Board Certification Exam test in?

Category: Exams

The following subject areas are tested to determine Board Certified status, along with their approximate proportional representation in the Certification examination.include the blueprint.

Categories may include topics from the blueprint with special considerations in pediatric and geriatric patients. Both local and systemic manifestations of relevant podiatric pathology are assessed.

The Didactic portion, or multiple choice section, is primarily designed to assess a candidate’s breadth of knowledge. The Didactic portion of the examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. Each question is followed by four or more responses, of which there is a single best response available. Key words in the question stem, such as most, least, only, or except are highlighted to facilitate comprehension. There are no questions with responses such as: all of the above; none of the above; or combined responses, e.g. A and C.

The Case Review Section of the Examination consists of a variety of separate clinical scenarios that need to be worked through by the candidate. The clinical scenarios and related questions may involve any of the areas listed in the subjects listed above. Candidates are provided with patient and clinical information from which to work through the case. Each segment of the question is assigned specific scoring criteria, such as an appropriate history and physical examination, requesting appropriate additional laboratory and/or imaging studies, making the proper diagnosis, determining the appropriate treatment plan, etc. The particular scoring requirements of each case vary based on the presented information.