What are the status’ of members?

Category: General

The definitions of membership status are as follows:

1.  Active:      Engaged in, and deriving income from, the profession of podiatric medicine

        a. Traditional – actively involved in direct patient care

        b. Atypical – A Diplomate whose career path is atypical (e.g. largely or exclusively administration, education, etc.) and does not meet the criteria for another status.

2. Disabled: Disabled as defined herein means that the member can adequately document a medical disability that precludes their ability to temporarily practice the profession of podiatry for a period not to exceed one year.

3.  Retired/Inactive: A member no longer engaged in clinical practice who derives no income from podiatric medicine or can document permanent disability.

4. Suspended: A member who has failed to pay annual re-registration fees by the prescribed deadline