I finished my residency more than eight years ago and never sat for ABPM’s Board Certification Exam or the former Board Qualification exam, can I still get Board Certified?

Category: Exams

Unfortunately, most of the podiatrists who fall into this category are no longer eligible to obtain Board Certification from ABPM. This is due to the confluence of several factors and determinations made both by the ABPM Board of Directors and the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) why recognizes and empowers certifying boards to conduct Board Certification.

CPME 220 regulates how recognized specialty certifying boards may conduct their certification procedures in section 5, stating:

5.2 The specialty board shall require candidates for certification to have successfully completed a minimum of three years of CPME-approved residency training.

This generally means that, presently, the Board can only certify only those podiatric physicians who have completed a 36-month CPME-approved Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency (PMSR). This regulation was adopted and standardized in 2011 and both recognized certifying boards are required to comply.

The Board of Directors of ABPM has also adopted the following policy regarding Board Eligibility:

19.1 Board Eligibility – Candidates completing a CPME-approved residency program are considered Board Eligible at the conclusion of their final residency year.

19.1.1 Board Eligibility status is granted for a period up to eight (8) years, after which a candidate will no longer be permitted to sit for the examination process. If a candidate attempts certification within the eight (8) year period but does not achieve certification they will be granted an additional five (5) years of eligible status.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Board Headquarters at (310) 375-0700 or sarah@podiatryboard.org for official verification of their eligibility status.