Do I have to pay dues when I retire?

Category: General

The Board of Directors shall establish the annual re-registration fee.  Such fee shall be due and payable by February 1st of each calendar year. Annual re-registration fees are due postmarked within 60 days of the date appearing on the first notice. Payments received after that date will incur a late fee determined by the Board.

A.    With the exception of individuals noted in section B, an annual re-registration fee (dues payment) is required of all active members, including Founders and Emeritus-Diplomates with 25 or more years of membership are subject to a 50% reduction of their annual re-registration fee.  Diplomates granted Emeritus status prior to 2007 are exempt from re-registration fees.

B.       A Diplomate who:

          a.      has completely retired from active practice, or

          b.      who is not actively deriving any portion of their income from the profession of podiatry

shall not be required to pay re-registration fees but shall continue to be considered a Diplomate.  A Diplomate must provide appropriate verification of retirement, inactivity, or disability, to the Board of Directors for their review and approval, following the rules of retirement or life membership qualification of the APMA. Diplomates who are disabled or inactive in podiatry must provide verification of such status to the board on an annual basis.