Does board certification have an expiration date?

Upon achieving board certification individuals are required to pay re-registration fees on an annual basis to maintain their board status. 

In addition, they are required to enroll in the ABPM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.  The program outlines the re-credentialing requirements over the duration of the Diplomate’s 10-year cycle. The new Diplomate will receive further enrollment information for the MOC program.  Details and requirements of the program are available at the ABPM website. Enrollment begins the calendar year following the year in which the individual achieved board certification.

Is anyone exempt from paying annual dues?

If a member is no longer deriving income from Podiatry (i.e. retired or inactive) and can provide the Board with documentation to that affect, they may be exempt from paying re-registration fees.

Do you offer discounted registration fees?

The ABPM does not extend discounted fees for Board Certified members, whether in full-time or part-time practice, with the following exception. Beginning in 2007, Founder and Emeritus members with 25 years of membership or more received a reduction in annual re-registration fees.

When are the annual registration fees (dues) required and what is the cost?

Annual dues statements are sent out electronically via email in January for the current year and are normally due by March 15 before a $100 late fee may be incurred.

Dues are $350 for all active Diplomates plus $200 towards MOC, $175 for Emeritus members. Some Emeritus members are enrolled into MOC which will be $175 plus $200.