Moving Forward

To Our Podiatry Community,

We cannot thank you all enough for the support and positive comments regarding our Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) program. While a majority of comments from the profession have been overwhelmingly supportive, we have received responses from a few organizations asking us to delay the CAQ in Podiatric Surgery. However, in light of the many heartfelt accounts from both young and established physicians, it is clear that the status quo is unfair and discriminates against many highly competent podiatrists. We have even heard from many women podiatrists, who highlight a disparity in certification opportunities due to starting families. Moreover, the very low pass rate of the other recognized board results in a large number of podiatrists who complete 3-year CPME-approved residencies not being able to successfully complete certification and obtain hospital privileges consistent with their education and training. This impacts them directly, and harms the public by decreasing our patients’ access to competent podiatric care. The profession should not simply sit by and do nothing after years of trying to get all the stake holders at the table to address this very serious condition that is strangling our profession.

You will read a contrast in our communications as compared to other organizations. We are not asking anything of the other certifying board. Instead, we believe a podiatrist should have a choice between two valid primary board certifications which can lead to hospital and surgical privileges. And if a board-certified podiatrist chooses to take a voluntary step beyond their board certification to identify specific areas of expertise by obtaining a CAQ, we believe that is their prerogative.

It should also be noted that for nearly two decades, since APMA Vision 2015 (written in 2005), the ABPM has periodically sat at the negotiating table with the APMA and the other recognized certifying board in an endeavor to unify the profession through a common certification pathway. One organization has unilaterally opposed these efforts. Thus, understandably, we feel the sudden calls for negotiation and cries of divisiveness to be disingenuous. However, if a serious attempt at unification or improvement in the process of podiatric board certification is made by all organizations, we will be first at the table, as we always have been.

To be clear, the ABPM is an autonomous testing organization with several valid, independently-verified, and trusted exams that has been in existence since 1978. As the CPME acknowledged, we have the authority to issue CAQs under our own autonomy. We are moving forward with our established CAQ process without delay. Diplomates may register for the all three of our CAQ examinations beginning tomorrow.

We believe our mission is consistent with what is best for the profession and the patients we serve, and we appreciate your continued support.


The ABPM Board of Directors

Lee C. Rogers, DPM, President
Melissa Lockwood, DPM, Vice President
Nicole DeLauro, DPM, Treasurer
Bryan Roth, DPM, Secretary
William Chagares, DPM, Past President
Gina Painter, DPM, Acting Executive Director
Coleen Napolitano, DPM, Director
Priya Parthasarathy, DPM, Director
Brian Lepow, DPM, Director
Karen Shum, DPM, Director
Adam Johnson, DPM, Director