Membership Benefits

The ABPM continually strives to bring information and awareness to the public. As an added member benefit, we have created a new marketing campaign and video that can be downloaded and utilized by our members for free! The ad has previously run in multiple major markets during the TLC show, “My Feet are Killing Me”, and the robust majority of our membership received national television exposure with these ads produced and promoted by the ABPM!

NEW! Order a Customized Diplomate Commercial!

You now have the opportunity, with special Diplomate pricing, to have your practice information added to the ABPM commercial! We are excited to offer this added member benefit as an additional way to advertise your Board Certification on your website, social media platforms AND for additional pricing, you can place it on TV in your local area market!

If you would like to place an order for a personalized commercial using our advertisement, click here!