About Verification

The American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM) is recognized by the Specialty Board Recognition Committee (SBRC), under the authority of the American Podiatric Medical Association. The ABPM began certifying podiatric physicians in the specialty of Podiatric Orthopedics in 1978, and added the additional area of Primary Podiatric Medicine in 1993.  Both areas are now included in a single recognized specialty.  The examinations are administered annually.
The Board conducts primary source verification of graduation and residency information on each candidate, including the names and locations of the institutions and dates of graduation or completion, in compliance with Council on Podiatric Medical Education standards.  State licensing and disciplinary actions are tracked and verified annually.
Effective August 17, 2012 the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine began doing business as (DBA) “The American Board of Podiatric Medicine”.  This change is limited only to the name by which the organization is referenced in our communications with the membership and outside organizations, and in connection with primary source verification of a given board qualified or board certified member.
Verifications can be requested by clicking the Verifications button and completing the form.
A verification fee is required for all orders including those that are not found in our system. Complete the verification request, and pay the required fees. Once payment is approved, the following applies:
  • For individual verification requests, you will be redirected to a page where you can print the verification results or save the access code and link for future reference
  • To request a verification, please click the button below.
    You may also contact Board Headquarters using the following links: